The creators of Diablo IV talked about post-shooting content and the game store

In the latest quarterly report, the developers of Diablo IV decided to talk about the content that will be added to the action after the release, noting that on the release day, gamers will have a โ€œwell-developed game with rich functionalityโ€, including for high-level heroes. The first season of Diablo IV is promised to be launched shortly after the release of the game, and in general, the team will have to release up to 4 seasons per year. The seasons themselves, which will be implemented in the manner of Diablo III, add new features, quest chains, monsters, and legendary items.

When a new season begins, characters from the previous season move to an eternal realm where you can keep playing, level up, and collect loot; a new season requires creating a new one character โ€” so that even those who missed last season have a chance to compete with other players; as mentioned above, new content will be added to the game every season. As the developers write, โ€œnew functionality and a chain of tasks, and with them โ€” new tasks, secrets and opportunities for development.

โ€ These quests are designed to help players learn more about Sanctuary, and as the story progresses, new and familiar characters will appear in the game. And to keep Diablo IV players engaged in more time, developers will periodically influence some of its elements โ€” in particular, by changing the balance.

In addition, the action will include โ€œnew legendary and unique items, upgrade panels, glyphs, and more. โ€ And, of course, events will take place periodically every season.

โ€œAn example of such an in-game event is a warning of an imminent invasion of the drowned that will occur over the weekend, or the appearance of a strange merchant among the cliffs of the Dry Steppes. โ€ Blizzard intends to ask players what they would like to improve in the game, and based on the votes, the team will determine where to go by developing the โ€œmany yearsโ€ project raquo;.

Including releasing and add-ons. Also, continuing the theme of seasons, it should be noted that at the beginning of each of them, with major updates, seasonal hikes will be relevant that will test players for strength and offer valuable awards.

And completing the objectives of the seasonal hike contributes to the progress of the season pass. โ€œThis is a new progression system, similar to the Battle Pass, that you progress through as you progress through the Seasonal Campaign.

It allows players to get even more rewards just by playing the game. The Season Pass includes both free rewards (decorative items, premium currency, and buffs) and paid rewards (only decorative items and premium currency).

โ€ Separately developers noted the main features of the in-game store, imageswhich can be seen just above during the internal beta. The store sells decorative items for premium currency.

In addition, the most beautiful decorative items are not only available in the store. You dont have to shop in the store.

The player must understand what they are paying for โ€” this is what the preview function has been created for. Transmog items from the store are suitable for all characters in the class.

At the bottom left are legendary armor obtained in the game, and on the right are purchased from the store. More on CCeit Famous Call of Duty villains unite in the new Warzone cinematics More than 1 million players have already joined the cult of Cult of the Lamb Rumor: Rockstar will release storyline DLC for GTA VI with new cities and missions.