The creators of Dying Light 2 talked about the creation of a picturesque world

The authors of Dying Light 2: Stay Human released a fresh episode of the show Dying 2 Know More, dedicated to the artistic side of the City. The episode guest was Katarzyna Tarnacka, responsible for the visualization environment and the creation of a picturesque world that will open to players in the upcoming zombie action movie. The authors tried to fill the City with a large number of murals and street art, including attentive players They will even be able to find interesting Easter eggs.

Tarnatska said that developers liked some murals so much that they decided to move them from games to the walls of the office. For example, the image of a girl with an umbrella from the first Dying Light that can be seen in the Old Town, and the mural with a chicken from The Following.

Tarnacka also noted that the work of her team can It seems easy and fun, but in fact it is quite โ€œtechnical and painstakingโ€. The task of the developers is to make the City โ€œbeautiful, lively and interesting at the same timeโ€, filling it with various details of the environment.

I will be able to evaluate on February 4, when Dying Light 2: Stay Human will be released on both PlayStation, Xbox and PC. But the version for Nintendo Switch (in the cloud) will have to wait.

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