The creators of Dying Light 2 told about working on the game

The story of the sequel to the popular Dying Light was not easy: at first, Dying Light 2 planned to be released in early 2020. Instead, the release date of the project still does not have, in addition, rumors about the difficulties of the work began to circle, supported by the dismissal of key developers. Resource Wccftech managed to interview representatives Techland.

Tomasz Schalkowski, Rendering Director, Lukasz Burdka, Senior Technology Programmer, Andrzej Placzek, Game Engine Director, and Timon Smektala, Lead Game Designer and Creative Director of the Game, told about aspects of the future project. According to the creators of Dying Light 2, the transition from the C-Engine to Chrome Engine 6 allows, above all, to support new technologies and new consoles.

In addition, it guarantees more advanced AI capabilities, an improved world editor and a more impressive sound. In particular, World Streaming technology provides travel around the world without downloads, and a new system of facial expressions and animation โ€” creating compelling and lively characters.

Hordes of zombies will become even bigger, like the map. But the transition to a new engine was one of the reasons for the delay of the game.

Although Dying Light 2 is created primarily for โ€œoldโ€ consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the studio intends to fully use all the benefits of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 and leverage all advanced technologies including ray tracing, dynamic shadows and reflections, mesh shaders and other DirectX features 12. Developers confirmed that the declared opportunity to change the open world with their decisions remains in the game from the very beginning.

In addition, after the completion of the main story, the studio began to introduce dynamic events and side stories that will add brightness and life to the game world. Pass the main story of Dying Light 2 will be possible in about 20 hours.

But if the player decides to explore the whole world and see everything that is in it, it will take three times as long. On the start location alone, you can spend more than 7-8 hours.

As for the layoffs of key employees, the creators of the game assured that this is a normal working process. We understand why players prove curiosity and impatience, but in the game development industry talented professionals are constantly looking for new creative adventures, and that‘s fine.

We lose some people, we miss them, but at the same time a lot of new energy is poured into our team, and this gives the whole company an opportunity to learn new methods and approaches. It is harder to read such reports: not everyone understands it, but such articles crush the studio team, hundreds of people who invest their best to make the game as best possible.

soon resume communicating with the community, and fans have already been shown a small piece of gameplay in March video. Dying Light 2 is in the top bythe number of additions to the desired list, so that the developers give themselves a report on how many people are waiting for the release of the game.

But while community pressure is high, developers don’t want to talk about details too soon, they need more time to prepare. Techland: Dying Light 2 is all right, its just too soon AnnouncedSo far that Techland is confident that it will release Dying Light 2 on RS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before the end of the year.

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