The creators of Jurassic World Evolution 2 talked about two game modes

Frontier Developments has published a second developer diary dedicated to the creation of Jurassic World in the upcoming Jurassic World Evolution 2. Many of the creators of the project grew up on classic Steven Spielberg movies, so collaborating with Universal proved to be very exciting for them. For the authors, it was a great opportunity to be part of the franchise and create their own story featuring familiar characters and dinosaurs.

There will be two modes available in the game: story campaign and โ€œChaos Theoryโ€. The campaign takes place after the events of the film โ€œJurassic World 2.

Dinosaurs no longer inhabit Isla Nublar โ€” they have now dispersed across the US. The player has to track them down and catch them, taking into account the safety of not only humans, but also the creatures themselves.

We will meet familiar characters โ€” Claire Deering and Owen Grady, who will be accompany the player on all journeys. But they‘re not the only characters you’ll have to work with: the developers have confirmed the return of Dr.

Kajal Dua, Isaac Clement, Cabot Finch, and George Lambert from the first part of the game. Modeโ€ Chaos Theoryโ€ will offer players a variety of scenarios that represent alternate developments of the movies‘ key events.

For example, in the scenario of โ€œJurassic Park 2: The Lost Worldโ€, one might try to succeed and open a successful park in San Diego. As for the dinosaurs themselves, developers have prepared a large number of prehistoric species.

And in one of the Chaos Theory mode scenarios, an encounter with Indominus Rex is guaranteed. Jurassic World Evolution 2 is released on November 9 on RS, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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