The creators of Medieval Dynasty promised a cooperative mode

Polish studio Render Cube recently hinted at a big surprise for its adventure survival Medieval Dynasty. And now it has become clear what the developers meant: in the updated long-term plan, information about the cooperative mode has appeared. We will not be able to plunge into the Middle Ages for the company of friends soon: the regime will appear in 2023.

And at the end of 2022, we are waiting for a console release. In addition, the developers announced a slight postponement of the release of the Heir add-on.

It was going to be released in the second quarter and its almost ready, but the studio takes longer to get it to the proper level of quality. Now the expansion will be released only in the third quarter, but the authors assure that the wait will pay off handsomely.

Medieval Dynasty takes part in the Steam summer sale, and you can buy the game before July 7 for 1124 ruble. It collects very positive feedback.

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