The creators of “Mora” abandoned two options for the campaign “Bachelor”

Although Ice-Pick Lodge has gone through a difficult period after the release of the first part of the new Mora, developers continue to work on a new campaign, The Bachelor. And in a new VKontakte post, they told us how the second part of the game would be different. During the Kickstarter campaign, the studio announced that all three heroes of the new Mora would be different .

And it‘s not just about options for making remarks in dialogues. Ice-Pick Lodge did not want to make a regular remake of the existing game, but it had to deal with a modest budget.

The first version of The Bachelor was planned to be similar to Marble Nest, but with an emphasis on the individual structure of the mind map. When a significant detail hit the player’s sight, impression phrases scattered out of it, and they had to be caught.

In general, we almost made Fruit Ninja, only in the role of fruit — thoughts and phrases that had to be instantly evaluated and caught the right ones. Ice-pick Lodge The second option focused on non-linear narrative, and it was influenced by Pulp Fiction.

The action took place over 12 days, but these days were mixed up to convey the feeling of a deadly tired person. But it turned out to be so confusing that it had to be abandoned.

Currently, the studio has a third option in progress. It is compared to Nolan‘s film Memento, and this time the focus is on the different passage of time.

It will be affected by interactions with infected areas, particles, and objects. The prototype is currently being tested, and, apparently, the studio will stop there.

It is the problem of death, immortality, time, loss in it and managing it (or its perception) that we want focus on the Bachelor’s story. Gameplay changes are also associated with this: what the hero can do in our world model, what he can influence, and what, on the contrary, is not so important to him.

Ice-Pick LodgeAlpha version of The Bachelor should be ready by October. After testing it, developers will be able to name the approximate timing of the new campaign release.

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