The creators of Psychonauts 2 publish ‘snatched’ screenshots

A small selection of screenshots of the future adventure platformer Psychonauts 2 appeared on the network, which was called a leak from the developers office. The studio Double Fine reacted to these publications, for a start debunking sensation. As explained by the developers, the alleged new screenshots the studio itself showed in a video dedicated to the New Year holidays.

But since the โ€œleakโ€ aroused such interest, these screens were published once again, now in high resolution. โ€ If you wanted something new in high resolution, you could just ask.

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Double fineIn the published screenshots we see a grown Raza, a location similar to headquarters, with a mass of characters, as well as some warehouse. The studio has not yet shown in high resolution a couple of โ€œleakyโ€ screenshots, with views of a certain amusement park.

Psychonauts 2 should be released this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series. More on Gambling Breeds, classes, characteristics: how to create a hero Biomutant The authors Battlerite announced a vampire survivor V Rising The first gameplay Total War: Warhammer III will show 13 May.