The creators of PUBG sued Apple, Google and the authors of Free Fire

The Korean company Krafton, which owns the rights to PUBG: Battlegrounds, has sued Sea and its subsidiary Garena. They are accused of plagiarizing the famous battle royale. At the same time, the lawsuit mentions Apple and Google: they distribute allegedly infringing mobile shooters Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

Krafton claims that Free Fire and Free Fire Max are noticeably replicate a number of aspects of PUBG, starting with the copyrighted unique air disembarkation feature. Borrowings from PUBG are found in the structure of the game and gameplay, the combination and choice of weapons, armor and unique objects, and even in color schemes, materials and textures.

mobile shooters cartoon chicken, which is shown in case of victory. This is a direct borrowing from PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds: the phrase Winner, winner, chicken dinner has become one of the brightest symbols of the game.

Google service. The reason was the refusal to remove game videos from Garena Free Fire games, as well as videos from Biubiubiu, a Chinese film that borrowed from PUB.

This is not the first time that Krafton has encountered trial with Garena. In 2017, they managed to reach an agreement to release a PUBG-style game in Singapore.

However, as the company recalls, the settlement does not replace the license agreement and does not give permission to distribute the game in the United States. More on Gambling The Black Temple will open in Burning Crusade Classic at the end of January New hints to the release of Grand Theft Auto VI were found in Take-Two plans To Rune Factory 5 released story trailer with gameplay fragments.