The creators of Return hint at the imminent announcement of the add-on

Housemarque studio seems to be working on a fresh addition to the action movie with elements of the Return bagel. This is hinted at by the twitter records of the official account of the studio and a number of its employees. For starters, Housemarque posted a screenshot of an unknown location, captioned it: โ€œAtropos.

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? โ€ As you know, the name Atropos bears the world in which the action of the game. Atropos.

. ? @Housemarque) November 26, 2021A better image appeared on the studio‘s brand producer’s twitter.

It was accompanied by a photo featuring Jane Perry, the actress who played the main character of Return. Apparently, she was involved in working on new content.

Today was pretty memorable! Loads of work, and SO MUCH FUN! Spending time with 2 of the people that contributed to make Selene the incredible character she is defined a highlight. Thank you all crew, team, and talent: you made my day @Noemi_B_C) November 26, 2021Finally, another photo was published by studio brand director Michael Haveri.

Heading to parental leave on a high note. Thanks so much to @Noemi_B_C @silliet @janelizperry! pic.

twitter. com/5ImDalaEUAโ€” Mikael Haveri (