The creators of Rustler and Liberated announced a parody game Yet Another Fantasy Title

Polish studio Games Operators, which recently released Rustlers parody adventure, and Atomic Wolf studio, known for Liberated, announced a joint project. This is another parody that was called something like that: Yet Another Fantasy Title. We are waiting for an isometric fantasy role-playing game in which an unnamed robber steals a unicorn from the Chosen One โ€” and thanks to this, he must go on an epic campaign and defeat the dragon.

Characters and realities now and then remind of the story of โ€œThe Lord of the Ringsโ€, and the appearance is clearly borrowed from Rustler. The developers promise a variety of epic quests and crazy missions, during which we can wield sword, bow or magic, and a lot of encounters with unusual heroes and villains.

But it is still unknown when Yet Another Fantasy Title will be released. More on Gambling Addiction Uragun want to turn into an action movie with elements of a bagel Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon will be released in early access in the fourth quarter The creators of The Walking Dead Onslaught announced horror based on โ€œAliensโ€.