The creators of Scorn apologized for the news about the development

Criticism had an effect: the creators of the Giger horror Scorn apologized for the inappropriate tone of their previous announcement. The head of Ebb Software and creative director of the game Lubomir Peklar. As we remember, after a long silence, the developers decided to remind investors that work on the game continues.

But instead of rejoicing, the players called the tone of the statement arrogant and unacceptable and began to request a refund. I read it hastily and approved it โ€œwith all my wisdomโ€.

It was only after re-reading that I realized that we should not have given our ideas and plans to people who help us, who are so hostile tone. We may be tired, confused, and frustrated by our own failures, but that does not give us the right to take a break at you.

For this, I personally apologize. I will do my best to prevent such an outbreak from happening again.

EBB Softwares developers promise to try to talk about the state of affairs with Scorn first, this time respectfully. They will publish a new statement on Monday, November 15.

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