The creators of TFM: The First Men published a gameplay trailer

Turkish studio Gathering Tree (formerly Pera Games), known for Overfall and Battle Commanders, has released a gameplay trailer for the future global real-time strategy TFM: The First Men. This is the first show of the game since its official announcement in 2019. In TFM: The First Men, players will have to create their own Adam and Eve and try to build a whole humanity based on them.

At the same time, the personality of the characters will play a leading role: it is determined by the characteristics of bodies, minds, souls, personalities and hundreds of traits and abilities. members of other races and share knowledge with them or fight.

Settlements will have a variety of buildings and improvements for them. And the battles will take place in real time with the possibility of a tactical pause.

TFM: The First Men promise to be released soon on Steam Early Access, and will be fully implemented in the early version single-player settlement management, research, diplomacy, character development and combat aspects. More on Gambling The authors of State of Decay 3 joined the technical artist Saints Row Dying Light 2: Stay Human will occupy 21 GB on PlayStation 5 We Are Football added opportunity to take care of the environment.