The creators of the Panda controller canceled the Kickstarter campaign

Panda Hardware studio, which is engaged in the creation of quality equipment for gamers, on December 1 brought to Kickstarter a new customizable Panda controller for Nintendo Switch, GameCube, PC, Wii and The Wiiu campaign was a success: its goal was completed in less than an hour, and two days later, a million dollars was raised. And by the end of the month, the creators had almost two million dollars instead of the required 100 thousand dollars. However, the creators suddenly announced the cancellation of the campaign.

As the creators explained, Panda Controller has been their favorite project for almost three years and they have been shocked by the support of the players. However, the company will not be able to fulfill its promises: in December 2022, the controllers will not reach the customers.

There are several reasons for this: in particular, the company‘s main manufacturing partner in China is suffering from continuing power outages. The COVID pandemic has already affected production rates.

And the creators have no idea what the new delivery date will be. So they found it dishonest to hold other people’s money: all the collected funds will be returned to depositors.

Panda Hardware is sure that sooner or later it will definitely release its controller. But in the meantime, it will have to attract external investments to continue its work.

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