The creators of the Pioner survival game have published a fresh trailer

The Russian studio GFA Games has published a new trailer for its future project, an online shooter with elements of survival Pioner. It shows pieces of gameplay: exploring locations, fighting opponents, including melee weapons, modifying guns, meeting other players in a peace hub, and other actions, and Activities. Pioner setting reminds you of S.

T. A.

L. K.

E. R, Fallout and Escape from Tarkov.

Players will find themselves on an island cut off from the mainland by a powerful man-made anomaly – and thanks to this, a lot of Soviet realities have been preserved there. Pioner has been working on Pioner for about three years, and The game is expected to be released next year on PC and consoles.

The investor is the Chinese corporation Tencent, which bought a stake in the GFA Games studio. More on Gambling It looks like Apex Legends will soon add cards from Titanfall 2 media: the head of PlayStation flew to Brussels about buying Activision Blizzard Diablo IV players will be able to complain on the lack of cultural diversity.