The creators of Total War: Warhammer III explained how to handle Tzinch

Creative Assembly continues to narrate Total War: Warhammer III, the final installment of the strategy trilogy that launched in 2016. And this time it was about one of the four gods of Chaos – Tzincha, the lord of change, manipulation and magic. To highlight the rivalry between the armies of Khorn, Slaanesh, Nurgla and Tzincha, into the game add cults.

In addition, Chaos damage now carries four types of infestations, one for each God. Tzinch‘s army is controlled by the two-headed prophet Destiny Weaver Kairos.

He sees all possible options for the future, but is blind to what surrounds him in the present. In battle, Kairos relies on mythical critters.

And for Tzinch, the main resource will be grimoires: he gets them in battles, construction and other actions. Total War: Warhammer III comes to RS in early 2022.

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