The creators of Totally Reliable Delivery Service reworked the graphics

Publishing house TinyBuild and studio Were Five Games almost a year ago released a cooperative courier service simulator focusing on game physics Totally Reliable Delivery Service. Very soon, on April 1, the game will appear on Steam after a year-long stay at the Epic Games store. And the creators decided that this event should be celebrated with a global update.

The new trailer shows how the game world will change by the time of Steam-release. The creators redesigned the game interface, models of characters and structures, improved management and added more objects and details.

In addition, the game will open a new competitive arena, will appear additional non-player characters and will change the system to unlock new parts of the card. And players will be able to capture their achievements using the new photo mode.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is available on RS, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS and Android. More on CCeit Strategy Authors Immortal: Gates of Pyre showed the beginning of the coming Started pre-orders Necromunda: Hired Gun โ€” not at full price A number of improvements The Evil Within for PC in Game Pass includes first-person mode.