The Crown actress Doherty ‘in love’ with Princess Anne

Erin Doherty is โ€œin loveโ€ with British Princess Anne, whose role she plays in the popular Netflix series The Crown. That‘s what she says to The Daily Mail. The actress admires the โ€œsteelโ€ character of the princess, who is the daughter of Queen Elizabeth.

28-year-old Doherty believes that Anne’s character was born because of the lack of a real mother figure in her youth. The role of the media also has to do with this. โ€œWho commented on her since she was sixteen,โ€ says Doherty. โ€œFor example, they commented on her body. I find that fascinating and horrible. If such a thing had happened to me, I would have had a breakdown.โ€

Doherty thinks it is important that young people see and hear the story of Princess Anne, because she is โ€œmagnificentโ€. The actress admits that before she got a role in The Crown, she knew almost nothing about the princess.

The fourth season of the series will be on Netflix from Sunday.