“The Dark Awakens”: “Wheel of Time” Season 1 Trailer

Amazon has unveiled a full-fledged trailer for the first season of Wheels of Time — the adaptation of Robert Jordan‘s series of novels The story tells the story of a group of friends from the small village of Dvorechye who are forced to flee from the servants of a sinister force, the Dark One. They are assisted by a member of the Ayz Sedai Magical Order named Moraine and her warrior companion Lan. In addition, minstrel Tom is also part of the group.

Together they are trying to reach Ayz Sedai fortress, but it is not the fact that they will be welcomed there very benevolently. After all, evil is chasing heroes for a reason — one of them will be a Reborn Dragon who can both save the world and destroy it.

The first season premieres on November 19, one of the main roles in the show are performed by Rosamund Pike (The Disappeared). More on Gamemania The PlayStation 5 features Apple Music’s Stealth and Shadows service in new trailer Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodhunt In new video adaptation Resident Evil told pro Leon Kennedy.