The Dark Pictures: Little Hope became Game of the Year at the UK TIGA Awards 2021

The organizers of the annual British TIGA Awards decided to celebrate the best games of the recent past, and last years โ€œGame of the Yearโ€ was last years The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope ( Sony and its studios have also won many awards: Spiderman: Miles Morales, the best action adventure, and Return with the best visual design, and Sony itself as the best publisher. But Ubisoft was noted as a developer with the best educational initiatives. Among the winners: Best Arcade โ€” Narita Boy; Best Casual Game โ€” Love and Pies; Best Role-Playing Game โ€” Last Stop; Best Action/Adventure โ€” Spiderman: Miles Morales; Best Social Game โ€” The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope; Best Strategy โ€” Total War: Warhammer II; Best VR Game – Sniper Elite VR; Best Puzzle – Call of the Sea; Game of the Year – The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope; Game Legacy Award – Trains Sim World 2; Creativity Award โ€” South of the Circle; Best Sound Design โ€” NieR Replicant ver.

1. 22474487139; Best Visual Design โ€” Return; Best Developer educational (or talent development) initiatives โ€” Ubisoft; Best Publisher โ€” Sony.

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