The developers of Outriders presented the endgame mode “Expedition”

Square Enix publishing house and developers from People Can Fly studio presented the endgame mode Expedition for the role-playing action movie Outriders, as well as more information about the Technomant. Expeditions are missions with rewards for passing. The faster the task is completed, the better the loot.

Also, the rewards will depend on the chosen difficulty. At the same time, unlike the story campaign, loot will not fall after the death of enemies tension.

The authors note that they will not use the content of the story campaign. Players are waiting for manually created levels with their own mechanics, trials and story.

New difficulty levels will affect not only the complexity of the tasks, but will also open access to new locations for exploration. Unlocking all 15 levels, players will have access to the latest expedition Eye of the Storm .

In addition, in the story campaign players will only be able to pump their characters up to level 30, however Expeditions will allow to increase the level of weapons and equipment up to 50-го. More details about expeditions can be found from the video below.

As for the technomant, the developers already told about it earlier. The class has great potential in both auxiliary and attacking position.

Technomant can treat itself and allies, create automatic turrets, and use carpet bombing, mines, rocket launcher and minigan. The authors note that the technomant also specializes in sniper rifles and, thanks to its versatile capabilities, will be perfect for lonely.

OutRiders will come out 2 February 2021 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store). Later, the games release will take place on Google Stadia.

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