The director of the sequel “Shazama!” showed updated hero costumes

The director‘s Shazama! David F. Sandberg showed an updated costume design for the film’s heroes in an attempt to get ahead of the leaks . However, the design of the new version of the protagonist‘s vestment still had previously flashed on photos from the shoot, and the production designer himself managed to show a short teaser for the same purpose.

True, this time the case was not limited to Billy Batson’s alter ego, but the public‘s verdict presented all members of the superhero family. the picture is unknown, but the film will have two villains played by Helen Mirren and Lucy Lew.

The film will premiere on June 1, 2023. Costumes in the first film costumes More on the Game The world’s afterburner 9 fees are nearing $300 million Terabyte, come! WD Blue SN550 and Black SN850 SSD review on PCIe 3.

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