The dog, the beaver and the alligator: Planet Zoo is coming to “North America”

Frontier Developments has announced a new expansion to Planet Zoo‘s realistic zoo simulator. Players will be able to line up and settle eight new animals in North America. Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack includes a display animal, a bullfrog, and seven aviaries animals: moose; cougar; California sea lion; Canadian beaver; Mississippian alligator; black-tailed meadow dogfish; sand.

The North America set will be released on Steam on October 4. On the same day, the free 1.

7 update will be released, which will add landscape modification tools, teach some tiger species how to swim, allow for more convenient animal lectures, and introduce a number of small gameplay improvements. More on Gamemania Leak: Project Orlando by Ubisoft turned out to be the new game in The Crew’s FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black Water series is released on PC on October 28 Ubisoft demanded that the list of games be removed from the GeForce NOW leak.