The drama “By the Slanted” with Tom Holland has been released

On Apple TV+ there was the release of the new drama By the Slanted with Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Away from Home) in the main rolle. The picture tells of a military medic who returns home after battles with post-traumatic syndrome. He tries to cope with psychological problems, but instead becomes addicted to the pills and besides planting his young wife on them.

And when a couple runs out of money, they decide to start robbing banks. The directors of the tape were the Russo brothers (Avengers: The Final).

Critics didn‘t like the film — on Metacritic it has a score of 46 from professional reviewers, and on Rotten Tomatoes it has 40% freshness. The tape is scolded for predictability and excessive fascination with style over content, though with many praising the work of Holland himself.

Many viewers who managed to see the picture (in the US it was released on February 26), with critics do not agree. On Metacritic, the film from the audience is 6.

8 points, whereas on Rotten Tomatoes the score is higher – 77% . However, users of IMDb, for example, also did not remain of the picture in great delight – there’s a 5.

6 point tape. On Apple TV+ By Slope is available with dubbing and Russian subtitles.

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