The Elder Scrolls Online received a Deadlands addition and a massive patch

The storytelling story of Gates of Oblivion in The Elder Scrolls Online comes to an end along with new addition Deadlands. ZeniMax Online explained what the players are looking forward to in the fresh DLC, as well as paying attention to patch 7. 2.

0 — updates are available on a public test server. In addition to Deadlands, developers have prepared a massive update to the base game: various mythical items, a new weapon system, support for Nvidia DLSS and DLAA, and more.

The full list of innovations is available here (its huge), and weve noted some below. Whats included in Deadlands: New Zone with Powerful Bosses; New Item Packs; New collectibles, clothing and paints; New furniture; New achievements and title.

Base game updates: Weapon System – allows you to save character builds quickly and easily Switch between them; Controlled Item Drop – More Chances to Get Things You Dont Have; New Mythical Items; New Map Marks; New Homes; Customize Music battle time; Nvidia DLSS and DLAA support. More on Gamemania Lost Judgement pre-ordered on PlayStation couldnt play it With Michael ripping off his mask in the final trailer of Halloween Kills movie Giancarlo Esposito scares Far Cry 6 players: Are you ready to die for an idea? .