The Elder Scrolls VI to come out after new Fable and Avowed

The Game Rant portal drew attention to Xbox chief Phil Spencers interview with IGN, which was released in late June, revealing a few details of the schedule for future games. According to Spencer, The Elder Scrolls VI should not be expected in the coming years โ€” Todd Howards team is now mostly working on Starfield, which should only appear on shelves in November 2022. The Scrolls dont seem to be released earlier than 2025.

Moreover, Microsofts announced major role-playing games โ€” Avowed, Fable and The Elder Scrolls VI โ€” will be very different, with TES VI appearing prominently later Fable and Avowed. Officially, none of the games have even an approximate release date.

Pete Hines in 2018 hinted that the sixth The Elder Scrolls would not appear until 2024 at the earliest โ€” however, that was before the global pandemic began, which hit game production hard. Along with that, journalist Jeff Grubb noted about a month ago that Fable, Avoked, Hellblade II: Senuas Saga and Perfect Dark are planning to release in 2023.

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