The Fall-o-Ween Themed Event at Fall Guys will be held from October 21-31

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout prepares to celebrate Halloween โ€” the Fall-o-ween event will take place from October 21-31, which will see players expect two new shows, exclusive costumes and devilish awards. The developers prepared Trick or Treat (โ€œMuck or Sweetness? โ€œ) with two new shows. The first, Trick, is a spooky challenge for single players, while the second, Treat, keeps the scares to a minimum and gives fun to the trio.

Players will be able to score points and unlock unique rewards: costumes, currency, and more And between October 21 and 24, Playful Imps mischievous Playful Imp costume will be on sale in the in-game store. More on Gamemania Stellaris Authors Announce New Aquatics Species Pack Golden Joystick Awards 2021 Nominees Announced Strenuous Card Playing and Teeth Pulling โ€” In Inscryption release trailer.