The Fermi Paradox will talk about the fates of extraterrestrial civilizations

Independent Berlin studio Anomaly Games has announced its debut project, space story strategy The Fermi Paradox. And in it we have to deal with the famous Fermi paradox: if millions of civilizations can exist in the universe, โ€œwhere are they allโ€? In The Fermi Paradox we have to become a god of universal scale, defining the development of a dozen different forms of life. In the course of four hundred different events, we have to make choices that will affect both โ€œourโ€ civilization and everyone else, and will be able to manifest the millennia of down.

Among civilizations that we have to spend all the way of life, many unique species: nightmarish deep-sea creatures, graceful intelligent plants and even hairless mammals calling themselves people. U each passing will have its own plot and finale.

The inhabitants of galaxies may come into contact or never learn about the existence of others. They can unite or destroy each other.

And in many ways it will be up to us. The game is due to come out on Steam this year.

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