The final update for WoW: Shadowlands will be released on February 23

Blizzard has announced that the final content update End of Eternity for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be released on February 23rd. Mortis is a workshop for creating the afterlife that is not subject to the laws of physics. The Enlightened will play the role of new allies, and the Jailer, who is driven by evil ambitions and purpose, will have to confront Take control of reality.

Other things players need to know: The current Shadowlands PvP season will end on February 23 at 00:00 PDT; for a few weeks after the season ends, players should refrain from changing factions until you earn the title and achievement Tortured Hero; a one-week break; Shadowlands Season 3 begins March 1; players will be able to participation in ranked PvP battles for rewards, however, leaderboards will be disabled; players will be able to continue playing Mythic Keystone dungeons with properties and rewards of the second season. more on Gambling In the backyard of the Grounded survival simulator, 10 million people have already played the mobile game Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will be released in the West this year Insider: Dead Island 2 can come out later this year.