The first dynamic event of Assault on Stanton kicks off at Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games announced that the first online dynamic event was launched in the Star Citizen space simulator. All players of the server for the first time in the history of the game can unite and fight back terrorists from XenoThreat. The Assault on Stanton event will take place in several phases.

At the launch, the pilots learn that terrorists have attacked the corporate convoy and executed its crew. XenoThreat detachments were also seen on the periferia.

To combat the threat, civil defense units have been created, into which everyone can join. Squads of pilots rebuff the forces of terrorists as soon as they approach the capital.

In addition, pilots are assigned missions to collect supplies from destroyed convoys and deliver them to the station. Developers can not say exactly how long the dynamic event will last.

This will depend on various factors, first of all โ€” the activity of the players. Presumably the war on terrorism will end in a few days More on CCeit Atlas Rogues appeared new freelancers and the general inventory Bugsnax sold perfectly, although it was free Authors Factorio prepare a large addition.