The first part of Mass Effect in Legendary Edition contains Russian voiceover

With the rights to the Russian translation of the first Mass Effect after release, problems arose, because of which it was officially available only on PC – console versions were released strictly with the English original. However, next weeks reissue of Legendary Edition will correct this historical injustice – in the first part of consoles will bring not only text translation, but also voiceover from of the infamous โ€œGolden Editionโ€. As far as you know, players will easily be able to customize languages in the client trilogy – so there should be no problem combining the original voice and Russian subtitles.

The second and third Mass Effect, which before translated on consoles, will remain with their text translations – the same applies to the computer version. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is released on May 14 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

On new generation consoles, the collection will work through backward compatibility with various improvements – we wrote about the technical features of the remaster in a separate note. More on Igamania โ€œWe Are Legendsโ€: Out Pre-Release Trailer Hood: Outlaws & Legends In Hero Mode comedy trailer, heroes try to create the greatest video game Transfer & laquo; Guardians of the Galaxy 3โ€ did not affect the script – it practically did not change.