The first screenshots from Battlefield 6 Alpha

On Reddit published the first screenshots of Battlefield 6 alpha – it is assumed that various bloggers were given early access to the multiplayer so that they shared their impressions after the announcement of shooter 9 June. It seems that there was a disaster in the world and various cataclysms began to occur all over the planet – this is partly hinted by a fresh teaser, where the American calls Volunteers fight for a better world in which their homes are no more. EA is rumored to conduct and publicly test the game soon after the announcement โ€” that is, in June or July.

The game itself will appear at the end of the year on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, with an announcement expected on June 9. More on CCeit The director of โ€œFlashโ€ hints at the return of the old Batman costume Deep Silver wont show new Saints Row, Dead Island, Metro and TimeSplitters at E3 2021 Pass game from โ€œKanobuโ€, find the Magic Tablets and get half a kingdom!.