The first Spider-Man gameplay video in “Avengers”

IGN has published the first gameplay video with Spider-Man from Avengers Square Enix, where the hero fights against various enemies. The Spider Supplement is somewhat different from the previous ones. Peter Parker will not have his own story missions in the game, he just decides to join the team of heroes as one of the participants.

Most of the local story is fed through audio diaries. The video shows several battles with representatives of the evil organization AIM in different locations — Spider will be able to use his sense to evade other peoples attacks.

In combat, he relies on direct hits, acrobatic spikes and web. For example, you can make a big ball and a bomb from a web, pull up and slow enemies, and shoot web shooters.

In total, Parker will have three heroic abilities, including the challenge of a Spidy drone. It is also possible to move around locations on the web, although the process itself is extremely inferior to a solo character game from Insomniac Games.

According to IGN, local flights can be compared to a Spider game with PS2. For example, it is not allowed to fly too high here – the hero runs into an invisible barrier.

Spider-Man will be available in Avengers on November 30, only on PlayStation consoles. Earlier, by the way, the authors showed various costumes that can be seen in this video.

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