The fourth episode of The Long Dark can be passed from start to finish

Studio Hinterland has already released three episodes of the Wintermute story campaign of its famous survivor The Long Dark โ€” and the first two twice, remaking them for the Redux version. And now she told how the work on the fourth episode, the action of which will take place in the area of the prison โ€œBlack Stoneโ€. According to the developers, the episode can already be passed completely from start to finish.

And now the authors of the game can assess how solid it looks, what should be added, remake or, on the contrary, removed in favor of the atmosphere of storyt. The studio especially notes with what difficulties faced animators during quarantine: they had to improvise instead of an equipped studio with the capture of movements at home and spend a lot of time on manual animation of movements and mimics.

Work on the content of the episode will last a couple more months after which the developers will engage in testing and optimization. Nevertheless, this stage can already be considered final.

And the screenwriters are already preparing the fifth episode so that you can immediately continue the work. The studio is already beginning to think about the future life of The Long Dark, and first wants to learn from the players so that they wanted to see after the conclusion of the story campaign.

While the developers reported that sales of the game exceeded 5 million copies. An additional 3.

5 million players came after a free giveaway at the Epic Game Store, as well as thanks to the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Thus, the audience for the game is about 8.

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