The fresh trailer of Sniper Elite 5 was dedicated to the features of the sniper shooter

The creators of Sniper Elite 5 released a new trailer and material on the site, which reminded players about the features of the upcoming sniper shooter. First of all, the developers note the โ€œInvasionโ€ mode ; when a player can join your session as an Axis sniper, who, with the support of the AI, must eliminate the main character. The mode can be freely turned on or off in the game menu.

In addition, Sniper Elite 5 itself can be played entirely in co-op with another player online. Plus, the shooter will feature a full crossplay and four key modes in which players will be able to customize their own match variations.

Also, the developers of Sniper Elite 5 have improved customization options and weapon physics, expanded the ways to move around the game world and additionally worked on the โ€œmurder cameraโ€. Recall that the release of Sniper Elite 5 will take place on May 26 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get the project on the release day.

Unfortunately, the game will not come out in Russia. More on Gambling Addiction, HITMAN 3 Game Director became the game director of Crysis 4 Blizzard announced the mobile Warcraft Arclight Rumble Xbox Game Pass will add Trek to Yomi, Danganronpa 2, NHL 22 and beyond.