The gameplay of Squadron 42 is not scheduled to be shown anytime soon

Roberts Space Industries founder and head of development of Star Citizen Chris Roberts published a big letter in which he summed up the results of 2020 and shared plans for the future. This week developers launched Progress Tracker on their website, in which you can monitor the development progress of Star Citizen and Squadron 42, and Release View, where you can find out the approximate date of the release of innovations. Future Progress Tracker will be able to monitor the work of more team (as long as there are only 20 teams out of more than 50), and Release View will account for the next four quarters instead of one.

Also, users are waiting for other improvements. At the same time, Roberts notes that new ways to follow plans to support Star Citizen are not designed to find out when Squadron will be finished 42, a single story campaign space simulation.

The founder of the studio decided he would not show the gameplay of Squadron 42 publicly, as well as discuss the release date of the game until the team got close to finishing straight development process. In October, Roberts Space Industries once again postponed testing Squadron 42.

As for 2020th totals, Star Citizens revenue is likely to exceed $80 million this year. This is 60% more than last year (then-record $48 million) .

Other stats for 2020th: 26,576,364 hours players spent in Star Citizen; number of minutes played by one player per day, increased from 32 minutes in 2016 to 2 hours and 25 minutes in 2020; 740 thousand unique players, including 250 thousand newcomers, (35% and 40% more than in 2019 and 2018 respectively, and 25% more than in 2019 and 2018, respectively, record 2016); the number of active users per month is about 35 -40% more than in 2019 and 2018; an average of 30,000 active users per day (70% more than last year); 1,177,919 accounts of all at the moment. More on CCeit Authors Psychonauts 2 published a holiday diary of developers Speedrunners are already breaking records on โ€œsex passageโ€ Cyberpunk 2077 Super Meat Boy Forever came out on Nintendo Switch and PC.