The Garden Path passed Kickstarter and will come out on PC and Nintendo Switch

The independent studio Carrotcake, made up of sole developer, illustrator Louis Durrant, announced a major success. The Garden Path has successfully passed Kickstarter. At the end of development, the author of the game needed 20,000 euros.

This goal was achieved by 152%. There were two additional goals unlocked: a Nintendo Switch version of the game and local multiplayer.

The rest of the possibilities the creator didnt have time to announce. In The Garden Path, we have to find ourselves in a long abandoned garden and try to make your new home out of it.

The developer focuses on the quiet and quiet moments of life: exploring the world, introducing unusual characters, looking after the garden, flower bed and vegetable garden. At first glance The Garden Path resembles Stardew Valley and Terraria.

However, Durrant tried to rid his project of any game โ€œpressure. โ€ You dont have to fight here, dont have to fit into the tight time frame of routine classes to get a harvest.

We are promised a lot of time to explore the world, communicate with neighbors and peaceful contemplation. At The Garden Path, we can choose any path that you like, and none will fail.

For example, fishing will bring automatic garden care options, because fish are magical creatures, and if you lure them with song, you can entrust them with certain activities. And all plants will continue to grow when we exit the game.

The Garden Path is due to take place before the end of 2021. More on Gomania HD VideoBox app closed, developers said โ€œgoodbyeโ€ First part of Modification Mafia Titanic Adventure Action Ultra Age is released on September 9.