The Gloomy Tale of Monster Boy The Guise is released in October

Russian company GameNet will be the publisher of the grim โ€œmetroidvaniyaโ€ The Guise . The game is working on independent developer Rasul Mono, known for the Ultra Goodnessseries. And The Guise already has a release date: 20 October.The Guise is released on Steam, and its demo version is already available in the store. It has 29 levels, and their passage will take about an hour. The protagonist of the game, the orphan Ogden, in addition to his will turns into a creepy monster. Together with terrifying appearance, he gains deadly menagerie skills and can use them against the inhabitants of the world here. And victories over bosses give even more powerful skills.As the world of The Guise, Ogden will have to decide whether he wants to remain human and see if he can return to his old life.More on Igromania From Bosch to Realism: The creators of I, the Inquisitor began presenting the game In the story trailer The Medium revealed Something and Its Victim The Falcon Age Adventure will be released on October 8 on Nintendo Switch and on Steam