The groundbreaking shooter Histera is being made in Amsterdam

Dutch independent studio StickyLock Games announced a first-person shooter game that is claimed to be innovative and rule-changing game. The project was called Histera and it should be released on all major platforms, including the Ps. The feature of Histera is that battles in it take place not only in different places, but also in different eras.

In simulated arenas past, present and future, players will be able to suppress rebellions in high-tech armor or fight hostile tribes in primitive clothing and with improvised Weapon. For Histera prepare competitive gameplay in the style of esports and a level editor available to all players.

Work on the game has been conducted for two years by the forces of forty employees. The release of Histera is planned for 2022.

But before that, StickyLock wants to involve a community in the development. To do this, at the end of 2021, the game will be released into early Steam access.

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