The Hague Department Bij1 steps up after royement Gario

The five-member board of the Hague department of Bij1 breaks ties with the national party and split off. In a statement, they say that Quinsy Garios royement has arisen an untenable situation.

According to the board members, last weekend it became clear that the national organization โ€œhas a toxic internal culture, which actively hinders and hinders us as governance of a local department.โ€

On Saturday there was a general meeting on the withholding of the number 2 on Bij1s candidates list, which has one seat in the House since the election. The national government then said that Gario was suspended for showing โ€œtoxic behaviorโ€.

The Hague department has always supported Gario, but says that it has been against โ€œactive opposition, mistrust, lack of communication and transparencyโ€ on the issue.

Last week, the Hague board member Mariam El Maslouhi said that she โ€œsoon experienced how some people on the board dont know how to treat black people and people of colorโ€.

She now adds that she worked for a political party in The Hague before and then thought it could be better. โ€œAnd now Ive noticed that BIJ1 didnt have an eye for the city as I expected it.โ€

The Hague Bij1 board now wants โ€œoutside Bij1 as individuals to continue building our overlapping community and activist work in our city.โ€

The national party says they are not yet able to comment because not all the information is known yet. โ€œWe too are surprised by the news. We had to hear that through the media,โ€ a spokesperson says.

โ€œLet it be clear: we want to provide openness and transparency, but at the moment the focus is on getting this issue internally and on our members, our people. As always, Bij1 is about our people and this is our first priority.โ€

BIJ1 is currently alone in Amsterdam on the city council. The party intends to participate in the 2022 municipal elections at least eight municipalities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Almere, Haarlem, Delft, Arnhem and Nijmegen.