The Hague: no protest at Huis ten Bosch Palace, farmers have to go to Koekamp

The municipality of The Hague is putting a line through an announced peasant protest at Huis ten Bosch Palace. Farmers Defence Force wanted to meet King Willem-Alexander, but the peasants are sent to the Koekamp at the central station.

People who come to The Hague by car or tractor can park them on the Benoordenhoutseweg, not far from the Malieveld. Large vehicles should never enter the centre of the city, as this is dangerous for shoppers, according to the municipality of The Hague.

The peasants want to present a petition to King Willem-Alexander. A small delegation may go to the King‘s Cabinet, near the Hofvijver.

Busy on the road expected

Road users should take into account possible delays in and around The Hague on Tuesday. This warning is issued by the ANWB, because farmers action group Farmers Defence Force (FDF) plans to take action at Huis ten Bosch Palace.

According to the ANWB and Rijkswaterstaat, what the farmers’ protest will mean exactly for the traffic, is still โ€œwatching coffee groundsโ€ at the moment. The action group has not yet announced exactly how many farmers are taking part in the protest, whether they are coming with the tractor, what route they are taking and whether they are going on the highway. โ€œWhether there will be traffic crowds will all depend on this. They are a lot of ifs and butsโ€, says the ANWB. Rijkswaterstaat is also alert to information about the plans of the farmers, who are probably going to drive to The Hague from Monday evening.

FDF foreman Mark van den Oever told Omroep Brabant on Monday morning that there are four hundred activists with tractors and a hundred Brabant farmers without a tractor. โ€œI hope for 2000 campaigners nationallyโ€, says Van den Oever. Also, some farmers would leave Brabant around 21:00 on Monday evening, and not go on the highway.

Environmental law

The peasants wanted to arrive at the house of King Willem-Alexander at 09.00 on Tuesday morning, in order to personally hand him a letter against the upcoming Environmental Act. The municipality of The Hague prohibits this and has designated the Koekamp as a protest location. With the action called Code Orange, the farmers want to prevent the House of Representatives from agreeing to the nitrogen plans of the cabinet. Agriculture Minister Carola Schouten wants the House of Representatives to have dealt with the law before Christmas holidays, but the farmers have big objections.

The farmers also want to drive to the Central Bureau of Food Trade CBL in Leidschendam on Tuesday, where a demonstration takes place in the afternoon. During the day of action, corona measures apply such as wearing mouthcaps and keeping a sufficient distance.

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