The head of Electronic Arts expects profits from user-generated content

The head of Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson spoke at the Goldman Sachs conference. And there, he stressed the importance of user-generated content and said that virtual worlds created by players will play an increasingly important role in the company‘s profit. According to Wilson, players are eager to creativity and their creations are becoming more complex.

This factor can change business approaches, and within 5-10 years we can expect that user worlds will be in no way inferior to the worlds created by EA. including at the expense of players, it will increase the time gamers spend playing the company’s games.

This, in turn, will increase EA‘s revenues. Wilson estimates that about 20% of players already create their own content in the company’s games, and 50% use it.

Wilson believes that it makes no difference whether the content is created by the developers or the players themselves , provided that its quality is up to par. However, he did not mention whether EA would allow creators of high-quality content to make money on their own.

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