The head of Ice-Pick Lodge promises significant changes for the Bachelor in Pathologic 2

Nikolay Dybovsky, head of Ice-Pick Lodge studio, spoke this week about Russian game development, human evolution, players values and much more, including the remake of Mora. More precisely, about the upcoming Bachelors scenario and attitude to remakes in general. And yes, the developers attitude to such projects is far from the best now.

Dybovsky calls the remakes โ€œevilโ€, adding: โ€œI am officially ready to say this from the department: there is no need to make remakes. โ€ As for the Bachelor, Dybovsky notes that the development it takes a long time, because the team had to radically rethink it to make the script feel like a โ€œcompletely new gameโ€.

This involves both a gameplay update that will be โ€œcompletely differentโ€, and a different approach to revealing familiar characters. โ€œIn general, this will be a completely different story that probably none of you are expecting.

And it [the Bachelors script] will be a surprise for everyone. โ€ However, despite all the innovations, the developers will respect and care for the universe and the original source.

Dybovsky does not say exactly when the Bachelors script will be released, limiting himself to the word โ€œsoonโ€. More on Gambling Insider: Microsoft will release a collection of Gears of War remasters by the end of the year Insider: Konami is working on three projects in the Silent Hill universe Glen Scofield published an image of one of the creatures of the horror movie The Callisto Protocol.