The Insider: The Grand Theft Auto remasters trilogy will be released on November 11

Rockstar today announced Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy โ€” The Definitive Edition. It is a compilation including updated Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas. Alas, the developers gave only approximate release dates, but insider Tom Henderson shared his information.

Two sources, who wished to remain anonymous, told Henderson that the release of the remasters on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC (in Rockstars Launcher) would take place on November 11. And the release date will be officially announced at the end of October, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the third part.

As a reminder, it was reported back in August that GTA remasters will be released in late October or early November. And the games themselves are created on the Unreal Engine.

After release on consoles and PC, the trilogy is expected to be released on mobile platforms as well. But only in 2022.

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