The Invincible on Stanislav Lems novel postponed for a year

Polish studio Starward Industries intended to produce The Invincible in time for the centenary of Stanisław Lems birth, which will be celebrated on 12 September 2021. After all, it is on his novel Invincible that the fabula game is based. However, these plans had to be abandoned.

The whole thing is that the developers decided to increase the budget of the future horror adventure. The studio wants to expand content while maintaining product quality.

More money is also allocated for marketing to cover a wider range of potential buyers. Money for new plans the studio received thanks to the issuance of its own shares.

They will allow to expand the staff, outsource some of the work, conduct more tests, expand the number of localizations. But it will take longer, so the release will take place no earlier than 2022.

In The Invincible we are waiting for a story space adventure, during which players must experience constant pressure of time. At the same time, the combat system will not be a key element of the gameplay.

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