The Last of Us Day: Joel statuette, new merch and photo mode event

Today, fans of Naughty Dog celebrate The Last of Us day, and the developers promised to have something interesting for today. But above all, it was about yard. For example, Dark Horse will release a statuette of Joel from The Last of Us: Part II at a price of $200 โ€” 35 cm high.

Pre-orders will continue until the end of October, and deliveries to customers will begin in May-July 2022. In addition, pre-orders of The Last of Us Part II: Covers and Rarities vinyl will start shortly at 20:00 GMT mdash; with songs performed by Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie) with guitar by Chris Rondinella.

The limited edition is decorated with a drawing by Dani Pendergast and also features a special message by Neil Drackmann . You will also be able to hear the songs on streaming services (from 07:00 GMT on September 27) .

There is also a new yard. And finally the developers launched a new event for players.

using photo mode. Until October 29, Naughty Dog offers to post photos taken (with hashtag @Naughty_Dog) on different topics on Twitter.

The first one was โ€œPowerโ€ . Photos will be retweeted daily and added to the screenshot collection on the Naughty Dog.

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