The last secret finally found in Deathloop

On Wednesday, the Deathloop level designer revealed the only secret players can‘t find, and it really looms under their noses. it was necessary to get off the Fristad cliff before the explosion to slightly change the course of events and the content of the dialogues. On Twitter, the designer congratulated the player who found the secret.

However, as it turned out later, some gamers were already doing this and didn’t even know it was a secret. Perhaps Eveile just wasn‘t following the players’ successes closely enough.

Did I find it, @PATALOON? If you detonate the reactor in Fristad Rock and manage to escape, there will be a group of Harriet‘s acolytes talking about the explosion in Updaam during the afternoon.

https://t. co/UQanK9JZoH pic.

twitter. com/Oidie0U6uHโ€” Elliott Mr Evil 37 (