The last ships that were stranded at the Suez Canal are also on their way

All ships that have been in traffic jam recently due to the blockade of the Suez Canal are on their way again. This is what the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) says in a statement to Reuters news agency.

Shipping through the important route was blocked a week and a half ago. The huge container ship Ever Given had passed across the canal by a sandstorm and blocked the passage.


was only last Monday that the ship was pulled off. At that time, more than 400 ships were waiting in and near the Suez Canal. In the following days, more and more ships were able to continue their way. The last 62 ships were todays turn.

One billion dollars of damage

The authorities of the Suez Canal estimate the total damage suffered by the blockade at USD 1 billion, equivalent to EUR 850 million. It is expected that there will be years to come about as to who has to pay the bill for this.

According to the SCA, the investigation into the jamming of Ever Given will be completed within two days, after which the results will be published.