The Last Video Store will allow you to visit the worlds last video production point

RareBird Games studio, known for the unusual Sinfeld Remastered project, has announced a new game, and its no less unusual. The theme of The Last Video Store was the long-forgotten video production stores, so popular until the early 1990s, but gone into nothingness along with the VHS. The makers of The Last Video Store promise we can visit the last store of the past era, chat with other regulars, admire posters and read the synopsis of old VHS movies.

Well even be able to take a tape and watch the movie in a specially equipped living room. The developers promise some kind of survival mode that will have to pay for all the fun — accordingly, well have to extract money somehow.

But its not yet clear what the game is going to be and how it will be influenced by the copyright of old films. But even as a VHS-era museum it may prove interesting.

The Last Video Store will be out soon on PlayStation VR. The creators should tell more details soon.

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