The Longest Road on Earth is out on PC and mobile

The studios of Brainwash Gang and TLR Games, as well as publishing house Raw Fury, announced the release of the experimental adventure The Longest Road on Earth. The game is available on Steam, where it receives 95% positive reviews, as well as on iOS and Android. The Longest Road on Earth are recognized by the creators themselves as โ€œnot exactly a gameโ€.

This is a collection of lyrical and very personal stories, plot sketches, the action of which unfolds without a single word, under the singing for the soul. The passage of the game will take about three hours and will not be problems for even the most inexperienced players.

You can not make mistakes here, and there is absolutely nowhere to rush. Instead, players can recall many simple life joys: sledding or cycling, picking seashells on the shore, dandelion fluff, sun in foliage.

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