The lynx is back in Belgium (and photographed)

He had been spotted a couple of times in the past months, but now he has been photographed as well: this lynx in the Ardennes. Lynxes hadn’t been seen in nature in Belgium for 200 years. Now the feline seems to be back.

Lynxes are very shy. They hardly ever show themselves. This lynx was photographed with a wildlife camera that stood in the woods, with no humans present. When the photographer looked at the images from his wildlife camera, he was very surprised.

The lynx is probably from Germany. There live about 140 lynxes in the wild. The animals eat roe deer and rabbits, but are not dangerous for humans.

According to experts there is little chance that lynxes will also live in the Netherlands. Our forests are too small for that. Lynxes need a lot of space.